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In 1990 a few forward thinking businessmen got together to address problems in their industry. Concrete septic tanks were getting a bad rap. Although most rural properties were serviced by septic systems, only a small portion of the owners actually knew how they worked. On-site sewage treatment systems were being criticized as ineffective and archaic. Government regulators claimed this was yet another reason to end rural development. Aerobic systems and plastic tanks were offered as the “new technology” but proposed results were often exaggerated and failures common. Someone had to speak up for the manufacturers, educate the public (and the government), and raise the quality of septic tank production in the province. It was in this light that the Concrete Precasters Association of Ontario was born.

Concrete septic tank manufacturers are entrepreneurs in the truest sense. Rurally located, privately owned, and spread across the province. Most starting out in their backyards, with wives and sons, brothers and daughters working in the business, they built their own forms, cranes, trucks and territories. It’s hard, heavy, honest work, with long hours and slow gains. Getting these guys together with their competitors and sometime adversaries in the same room would be challenging. Getting them to sit down and work with one another to form an association and for the betterment of the industry, seemed impossible.

Glenn Caverly worked most of his life in the concrete industry for one the provinces largest tank producers. Not long after the association was formed, he was hired as its manager. He knew the products and he knew the industry. Before long he knew most of the provinces manufacturers as well. He logged a lot of miles and visited every precaster he could find. Because he wasn’t anyone’s competitor, he could get his foot in the door, and if he could get to the boss and make his pitch, he could make a friend. By 1993 CPA member companies were making 2/3 of all the tanks in Ontario. Suppliers soon realized the value of membership, and were quick to lend support to the group.

Once our organization was up and running, we were invited by the government to sit on various committees and in meetings that involved our industry. We had a voice at the table. One of our initial projects was a homeowner’s manual for their septic system. Over 100,000 have been printed and distributed. People know how to care for their septic systems. In recent years we’ve developed the Product Registration Program to standardize design, quality and testing of products.

Although we didn’t know it at the time, we had actually hired a management team, with Glenn’s wife Dorothy acting as secretary, treasurer and travel advisor. Her influence became evident as the association evolved and annual conferences became larger and more elaborate. With, hotels, name tags, hors d’oeuvres and entertainers, some things go smoother with a lady’s touch.

The success and shape of our association is attributed in large part to the work of Glenn and Dorothy Caverly, and their vision of it. The Caverlys retired in 2002 but still attend our annual conferences to visit with old friends and keep up on current events.


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