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In an effort to maintain high standards in concrete production and provide its members with value in membership, the CPA Technical Committee has hosted a number of day long workshops. Offered to employees of member companies, these "Production Schools" cover subjects such as; Fundamentals of Quality Concrete, Proper Reinforcing Placement, Basics of Curing and Form Maintenance. These courses are an important requirement for the novice labourer and act as an excellent refresher for the seasoned employee. They are conducted at

various lactations across the province so that members from different areas can easily take part.

The CPA has also organized courses in heavy truck crane operation. When the Ontario government changed requirements for licensing, leaving many of our members operating with un-certified crane operators, an arrangement was made with Durham College in Oshawa. A week long course was designed to help these highly experienced but un-ticketed operators prepare for and achieve the Provinces' "Hoisting Engineer - Mobile 2" certification.

The CPA Technical Committee also publishes a series of "Tech-notes" - brief data sheets covering many of the subjects discussed in the production school sessions. These are designed to be posted in work areas or distributed among employees to assist training in the workplace and help reinforce quality production fundamentals. Laminated posters have also been developed and sent out, again, in an effort to help members maintain high standards of quality in concrete production.


In an effort to encourage new technologies, the CPA has supported a number of research and development projects since its inception. Some of these include:

The University of Waterloo Centre for Groundwater Research - The CPA contributed to the development of new wastewater disposal technology.
The Ontario Rural Wastewater Centre - developed by the University of Guelph, these research and training facilities in Guelph and Ottawa provide designers, regulators and students with the opportunity to learn in a hands-on, indoor environment about various types of wastewater treatment. Since its inception the CPA has been a member of the advisory board and contributed to the centre's construction.
The Clifford Intermittent Recirculating Sand Filter - contributions of tankage for the test site by members and participation in the development committee.
"Care and Feeding of Your Septic tank" - a homeowner's manual for their septic system. This 13 page booklet provides end users with critical information about the operation and maintenance of their septic system. Published in partnership with the MOEE, over 100,000 copies are in print. A PDF version is available on our homepage.
Funding is also provided to facilities in Canada and the U.S. for the ongoing durability testing of concrete and septic tanks.
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