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New Marketing Materials

Over the past several months, the CPA Marketing Committee – led by Committee Chair Dave Turner – have worked to develop a variety of marketing tools for use by the CPA and its members. The goal was to develop some marketing materials that could help members market their concrete products, specifically their tanks, in a market populated with tanks made with an ever-expanding array of alternative materials. For Turner, who owns Acton Precast Concrete, the task was relatively easy, after all, promoting the use of a product he has manufactured and sold for decades, a trade he learned from his father who founded Acton Precast in 1963, is second nature. “Talking about the benefits of concrete is something I can do in my sleep”, said Turner, “it’s a reliable building material that has stood the test of time”.

Together with MacGregor Marketing, Turner and the CPA Marketing Committee have created a polished set of brochures. The first is designed to promote the use of concrete as a preferred manufacturing material; the second speaks of the need for tanks to be compliant with the Ontario Building Code and informs that the CPA’s Registration Program – complete with its “red tags” – is an easy way to identify compliant tanks.

These double-sided, one-page brochures have been distributed to all CPA manufacturer members for their use in marketing their products. The brochure about the CPA Registration Program, which addresses the need for tanks to be compliant with the Ontario Building Code has also been sent to all Building Departments throughout Ontario. Reinforcing the need for compliant concrete products helps improve our industry and helps to maintain its reputation for producing strong, effective and reliable products.

In addition to the creation of brochures, the new CPA marketing campaign has also resulted in the creation of print ads and exhibit materials. Print ads were created for use in industry magazines to advertise concrete tanks and our Association. Exhibit materials are designed for use at trade shows and conferences and include banner stands espousing the benefits of concrete products. These materials will help the CPA to spread the word about the quality products that our members produce.

As mentioned, copies of the brochures have been sent to manufacturer members. All members will have a chance to view the materials at our Convention in November. IF you have not seen these flyers yet please go to our website at to view these flyers in PDF form.

The idea for this marketing campaign was born of YOUR suggestions. You told us that you were finding it increasingly challenging to sell your concrete products in a market experiencing an influx of products manufactured with other materials. You asked us for support and we have delivered. Please let us know what you think of our efforts.



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