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To people on the outside, the Concrete Precasters Association of Ontario seems straightforward. The reality is quite different. There is a real magic in the way that a network of individuals can work together in an orchestrated manner. Critical to bringing it together is the flow-of-payments.

Funds are exchanged for the latest batch plant, an improved wet cast filling system, large shipments of risers, drop boxes or speed rings, steel mesh, castings or moulds. Money is spent on hydraulics, electronics, admixtures, clean-up chemicals, nuts, bolts the list of payments goes on as the network makes its own magic.

Meanwhile, scarce profits simply evaporate, as one currency transforms into another to facilitate many of those payments. So, it's wise to link with an established firm that can help manage your foreign exchange risk.

Mercantile Exchange provides simple, reliable, flexible and secure means to deal with international currency payments. Our experienced personnel can walk you through the mechanics of various contracts while saving you money on our wholesale exchange rates.

From Mercantile Exchange - a big salute to the men and women of the CPA who focus on tough and dangerous work. You deserve to maintain that focus by delegating your worries about currencies and payments. Please be in touch .