Concrete Outweighs Plastic?

Of course it does, in more ways than one.

It's a hard life.  Our harsh Ontario climate can be unforgiving to the uninitiated. Underground structures can be crushed by the tremendous forces of frost, collapsed by the merciless weight of soggy clay, and uprooted by the relentless pressures of spring flooding. Precast concrete septic tanks are designed and manufactured in Ontario specifically to meet the daily challenges of our underground environment. That's why specifiers and contractors have trusted concrete for decades and continue to choose precast overwhelmingly over tanks made with lightweight materials. Ontario's no place for a lightweight.

We do the heavy lifting.  Installing a precast concrete septic tank is as easy as dialing a phone. Don't spend your day running around burning fuel. All of our manufacturers deliver their tanks and septic supplies to your site. Their experienced operators will install your tank using modern trucks and hoisting equipment, ensuring that it is safely and accurately positioned in your excavation. Precast tanks can be backfilled immediately, usually with native soil. No need to fill with water and foot-tamp with sand, these tanks will hold their own in the earth. Just hook it up and go. Now that's a light day's work.

In the long run.  The septic system is one of the most critical components of a home. It operates silently, day and night, treating every drop of water that flows through the house and protects the environment from contamination. No other appliance or device performs such an essential service, or is expected to function consistently for decades, with minimal maintenance. The trust and confidence that is placed in this system is extraordinary. It's no wonder that specifiers, contractors and homeowners have chosen precast concrete septic tanks to fulfill this task for over 60 years. Why would they risk using anything else?

Making the grade.  All septic systems installed in the province of Ontario, with a daily flow rate of less than 10,000 litres, fall under the purview of the Ontario Building Code (OBC). Septic tanks sold in the province must conform to the current CSA Standard B66. Currently, the only conclusive proof of CSA B66 conformance is either a CSA certification label or a CPA red disc, prominently displayed on the tank.

CSA or Red Dot  All septic tanks bearing the red CPA logo have been approved by the CPA Product Registration Program and are designed, manufactured and tested to standards exceeding the Ontario Building Code. Be confident that what you're getting meets the code and your standard of quality.

The Concrete Facts

• Concrete is used more than any other man-made material in the world.

• We annually produce 1 cubic metre for every man, woman and child on the planet.

• Concrete was used for construction over 2000 years ago. Some of it still exists today.

• Concrete does not become brittle in the cold, soft in the heat, or deteriorate with U.V. exposure.

• Concrete is the most appropriate material for septic tank construction —that's why we use it!


Precast concrete septic tanks are used in more applications in Ontario than any other type, and for good reason. Precast concrete is strong, dense and watertight. Tanks can be backfilled without special procedures, imported material or filling with ballast water. They can be hooked up and used immediately. Concrete won't float, stretch, shrink or bend. Precast septic tanks are designed and manufactured in Ontario, to specifications unique to our province, for use in our harsh northern climate. They have a history of reliability and durability that spans decades, are trusted by specifiers who include them in their designs, and installers who stake their reputation on their work.