Product Registration

Product Registration

Concrete Precasters Association of Ontario - Product Registration Program.

The Concrete Precasters Association of Ontario Product Registration Program was designed to ensure standardization of quality, design and testing procedures for concrete products used in on-site waste water systems. This program allows inspectors and regulators as well as the general public, to easily identify registered products. The program was developed through consultation with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and the Ministry of Environment and Energy, and is approved by the M.M.A.H. A significant number of CPA member and non-member manufacturers are already included in the program, with many more across the province of Ontario, undergoing the testing and registration

Just spot the red dot.

The program itself is operated at arm's length from the CPA and managed by a Program Administrator. A Registration Committee made up of members from the M.M.A.H., M.O.E., CPA and the Ontario Waste Water Association, directs the program and confirms registration of the products. Testing is done in accordance with requirements set out by the M.M.A.H. but includes additional procedures and documentation unique to the program alone.

The use of a large red plastic tag cast directly into the concrete allows inspectors to easily identify products that are included in the program.

A central registry listing information on all certified products and manufacturers can be quickly accessed on-line by clicking here : A hard copy can also be obtained by calling or e-mailing the CPA office.

The standardization of testing, recording and submittal ensures a level playing field for all manufacturers while raising the bar for the industry as a whole. Inspectors are assured that a tank in Ottawa is manufactured and tested to the same standards as Windsor or North Bay.

Download the complete Product Registration Manual (PDF format) describing all aspects of the program, its requirements and costs:

CPA Registration Booklet

Annual Compliance Report

Original Product Test Report   

Remittance Form

Comments or complaints regarding the program should be directed to:

Registration Program Administrator:

Dominic Girotti


Please e-mail scanned Annual Compliance documents to the above email address. The original paper copy can be mailed to:


1491 Cataract Road

Welland, ON

L3B 5N5